IBCarb Management Committees

Executive Committee

Professor Sabine Flitsch, University of Manchester (Director)

Professor Rob Field, John Innes Centre (co-Director)

Dr Timothy Miller, Croda Europe Ltd (Industry Representative)

Sub-theme leaders:

Dr Stuart Haslam, Imperial College London (Tools)
Professor Stephen Eichhorn, University of Exeter (Renewables)
Dr Nathalie Juge, Institute of Food Research (Food)
Dr Cleo Kontaravdi, Imperial College London (Health)
Dr Sarah Allman, The Open University (Societal Impact)

Steering Committee

Dr Bruce Turnbull, University of Leeds
Professor Jerry Turnbull, University of Liverpool
Professor Simon Turner, University of Manchester
Dr Rob Young, GSK
Dr Charlie Bavington, GlycoMar
Isabella Van Damme, MARS Chocolate
Dr Dan Higazi, MedImmune
Professor Rodney Townsend, RSC

International Advisory Board

Professor Pauline Rudd, NIBRT, Dublin, Ireland (Chair)

Dr Mike Morris, Senior Director, Mass Spectrometry Research, Waters

Dr Serge Perez, Director of Research Emeritus, Department of Pharmacochemistry, CNRS, University Grenoble-Alpes