Places left on IBCarb commercialisation event!

We have a limited number of places left on our upcoming commercialisation training event. If you would like to attend please contact the Network Manager ( as soon as possible. Further details below:

How to commercialise your research and turn your glycoscience into a glyco-biotech start up

Location: Cumberland Lodge, The Great Park, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 2HP

Dates: Sunday 18th September, 6pm – Tuesday 20th September, 4pm

 Who should attend: IBCarb members who may be considering commercialising their glycoscience research.

Venue: Cumberland Lodge is an educational charity and residential conference centre situated within the majestic Windsor Great Park. Cumberland Lodge is noted for its historic rooms, relaxed atmosphere, and excellent food. Steeped in the nation’s history and set within beautiful parkland Cumberland Lodge is, above all else, a place for exchanging views and inspiring minds.

About: This will be a hands-on workshop covering the main elements from a business perspective that you need to consider if you are thinking about, or in the early stages of starting up your own business.

To provide a structure and focus over the course of the workshop, the Business Canvas Model will be used as a framework, to help you create/review your own Business Model.

This will include as your key initial building blocks:

  • Knowing what is your Value Proposition, and;
  • Understanding who are Your Customers that you are creating value for?

As well as providing valuable insights into the following building blocks:

  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Understanding what are your Distribution Channels
  • What are your Revenue Streams?
  • What are Key Resources and Activities to making this happen?
  • Who are your Key Partners?
  • What is your Cost Structure?

There will be a series of talks from IBCarb members who will discuss their experiences. In addition, information on funding sources and support will be provided.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Charlie Bavington, GlycoMar;
  • Simon Charnock, Prozomix;
  • Robert Dunne, Glycoselect;
  • Daryl Fernandes, Ludger;
  • Edward Green; ChainBiotech
  • Hannah Roberts, BioShape;
  • Jerry Turnbull, Intellihep.


  • Start off on the right footing: Understand what is the purpose of a business
  • Gain clarity on what is the value you bring to the business
  • Understand the fundamentals that all businesses need to consider
  • Create/review your Business Model
  • Work on your Value Proposition
  • Clarify what is your market and who are your most important Customers
  • Gain insights and learn from successful entrepreneurs e.g. a service provider, contract research, consultancy, reagents provider and others
  • Increase your awareness of different business set ups and funding options
  • Gain access to other useful sources of information & support – chambers of commerce, science parks
  • Increase your access to a valuable network of knowledgeable experts/mentors to grow your business

Travel Bursaries are available for all PhDs and PDRAs attending this event. Bursaries are up to the value of £200, which will be reimbursed after the event on submission of a travel claim form and all travel receipts/tickets.

If you are interested in attending the workshop please complete the details below and send to by Friday 12th August. Please note your answers will not exclude you from attending, as far as possible we want to ensure an even spread across our network by institution, career stage and research interests. This will also help us to ensure the workshop is tailored to the needs of those attending.

  1. Name:
  2. Institution:
  3. Position: (PDRAs/PhDs – please also include supervisor details here)
  4. IBCarb area/s of interest: Tools / Renewables / Health / Food
  5. I would like to take up the offer of an IBCarb travel bursary to attend: Yes/No
  6. Have you considered starting your own enterprise? Yes/No (If yes, please provide some details on the stage of your enterprise).

***As there are only a limited number of places left, priority will be given to IBCarb members involved with / working on IBCarb funded Proof of Concept and Business Interaction Voucher projects or IB Catalyst projects, or, who have attended IBCarb events, so please indicate this in your response.***

*Please note the event will start on Sunday evening at 6pm and the program will include activities over dinner, which will start at 7pm so please consider this when confirming your attendance.