N8 AgriFood Resilience Programme

Securing sufficient, safe and nutritious food

A growing and increasingly affluent population is putting pressure on our ability to guarantee food security, both now and in the future: agricultural production needs to grow by 60% by 2050 to keep pace with rising populations and increasing meat consumption.

N8 AgriFood has three inter-connected multi-disciplinary themes, addressing key challenges in food security:

Sustainable Food Production

Combining, soil health, resilient and productive crops and livestock, novel diagnostics and predictive modelling to promote resilient, sustainable food production.

Improved Consumption & Health

Improving public health while lowering the burden of food production and distribution on the natural environment: through changes in behaviour, diet and other socio-economic factors.

Resilient Supply Chains

Adapting food supply systems to deliver better resilience while improving nutrition, reducing environmental impacts and sustaining economies fairly.

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For further information about N8 AgriFood, the HEFCE-funded N8 Agri-Food Resilience Programme and how to get involved:

Prof. Sue Hartley,

Acting Academic Director

Jess Hendon,
Interim Operations Director