Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Round 4

Innovate UK is offering businesses and universities a share of up to £19million to develop innovative solutions to global energy challenges.

The Energy Catalyst was established last year with funding from Innovate UK, EPSRC, and DfID to fund projects that address the energy trilemma – ensuring energy is low carbon, secure, and affordable. Round 4 is currently open (registration closing date of 7th September for Early Stage Awards), and the most recent scope includes “biomass” and “energy from waste”. These early stage awards “fund projects that explore and test the technical potential of an innovative idea or concept. They do this through technical feasibility studies. The aim is to find out if a pre-industrial concept is ready for further technology development.” The involvement of DfID presents an opportunity for researchers to obtain translation funding for ODA relevant projects in the energy remit.

For full details see here.