Event report: Glycobiotechnology 2018

Glycobiotechnology 2018 took place on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th September 2018 in Manchester and was attended by approx. 180 IBCarb members from academia and industry.

Glycobiotechnology is an essential facet of modern industry, with broad applications in Medicine such as Biopharmaceuticals and Vaccines, Healthy Food and Renewable Biomaterials. This 2-day event celebrated advances made in glycobiotechnology over the past five years through open academic-industry partnerships within the IBCarb network. The meeting brought together professionals, academics and students working in the area of glycobiotechnology and showcased the latest developments and discussed future opportunities in glycoscience and industrial biotechnology.

Also highlighted during the meeting were the RSC Carbohydrate group and CarboMet other initiatives everyone was strongly encouraged to get involved with.

The Complex life of Sugars outreach stand was exhibited during the event. At the end of day 1, the Sweet Existence artwork was also exhibited with the artist Karen Barber in attendance.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the event, and especially all our speakers and session chairs for delivering such a superb range of talks and discussions.

Full list of speakers and talks at the event (in presentation order):

Joachim Thiem (Glycom & Universität Hamburg) ‘Chemoenzymatic Syntheses and Inhibition Studies’

Simon Webb (University of Manchester) ‘Enzymatic Modification of Synthetic Glycolipids in Vesicle Membranes’

Jerry Turnbull (University of Liverpool) ‘Chemoenzymatic strategy for generating next-generation heparin therapeutics’

Ed Yates (University of Liverpool) ‘Seaweeds as a source of bioactive materials for wound healing’

Igor Baruskov (University of Liverpool) ‘Identification and evaluation of algal sulfotransferases for enzymatic polysaccharide modifications’

BBSRC overview – Elizabeth Saunders, Strategy & Policy Manager

Stuart Haslam (Imperial College London)  ‘Structural Glycobiology for Glycobiotechnology’

Bruce Turnbull (University of Leeds)  ‘Lectin Engineering’

Gerd Wagner (Kings College London)  ‘Chemical Glycoengineering of IgE Antibodies’

Andrew Powell (Liverpool John Moore University) ‘Investigating Skin-Antibiotic Activities of Heparin: Priming Heparin-Based Industrial Biotechnology’

Barbara Pfister (ETH Zurich) ‘Recreating Starch Synthesis in Yeast’

Dani Ungar (University of York) ‘Modelling Glycan Processing Reveals Golgi-Enzyme Homeostasis in Different Cellular States’

Graham Stafford (University of Sheffield) ‘Oral microbiology and glycoenzymes’

Andrew Laws (Huddersfield University) ‘Probiotic Polysaccharides’

Federico Sabbadin (University of York) An Ancient Family of Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases with Roles in Arthropod Development and Biomass Digestion’

Frederique Lisacek (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) ‘Glycoinformatics: A Toolbox for Bridging Glycoscience with Multiple – Omics’

Vincent Bulone (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) ‘Structural diversity and biosynthesis of fungal and oomycete cell wall polysaccharides’

Gavin Miller (Keele University) ‘Building blocks for Designer Alginates’

Martina Lahmann (Bangor University) ‘Synthesis of C-glycoconjugates as tools for biological investigations’

Matthew Gibson (Warwick University) ‘Glycosylated Nanomaterials; Design and Application’

Paul Dupree (University of Cambridge)  ‘Detailed enzymic characterization of Gum Odina polysaccharide, and scale up of components for later studies of functionality’

Eleanor Binner (University of Nottingham) ‘Microwave-assisted depolymerisation of an algal polysaccharide’

Nathalie Juge (Quadram Institute Bioscience) ‘Biological role and application of intramolecular trans-sialidases from gut symbionts’

David Green (Scottish Association for Marine Science) ‘Identifying novel enzymes for the modification of a marine algal polysaccharide’

Seung Lee (University of Southampton) ‘Development of hyper-activity glycosynthase for high value glycosides’

Darren Smith (Northumbria University) ‘Metagenomics as a tool for the rapid discovery of novel glycosyltransferases’

RuAngelie Edrada-Ebel (University of Strathclyde) ‘Development of high-value compounds from Bacillus licheniformis’

Timothy Douglas (University of Lancaster) ‘Mineralized polysaccharide hydrogel biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration’

Adélaïde Raguin (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf) ‘Stochastic modeling of starch granule biogenesis’

Jolanda van Munster (University of Manchester) ‘Sweet spots for fungal lignocellulose degradation; Surface analysis tools to identify activity of Aspergillus niger and its enzymes on plant biomass’