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Application of mass spectrometry tools in monitoring Polymeric N-Acetyl Glucosamine (PNAG) levels during animal feed and biopharmaceutical productionActive compounds from B licheniformis increasing the yield of biologically active EPS product & demonstration scale fermentationsAn enzymatic approach to the understanding, design and formation of novel polysaccharides with potential industrial applicationsAssessing active polysaccharide structures from seaweeds a key step towards scale-up and productionBiochemical characterisation of novel coccolith-associated polysaccharides (CAPs) from species of coccolithophores for application in industryChemoenzymatic synthesis of glycan-labelled wound dressings for controlling lymphocyte behaviourDefining and designing optimized IgE glycoformsDesign and construction of a low-cost, webcam-based, sensitive fluorescence detectorDetailed enzymatic characterisation of Gum Odina polysaccharide and scale up of components for later studies of functionalityEnabling heparin-based industrial biotechnology to counteract antibiotic resistanceGlycomic characterization of the IgG1-Fc glycan from mutants with altered receptor interactionsIdentification and evaluation of algal sulfotransferases for enzymatic polysaccharide modificationsMetagenomics as a tool for the rapid discovery of novel glycosyltransferasesMethodology to access fluorinated poly- and oligosaccharidesProduction of tailor-made, size exclusion chromatography media for high resolution separation of glycosaminoglycan oligosaccharidesIBCarb Project - Acoustic separation of polysaccharides from micro-algal cellsIBCarb Project - Application of glycoenzymes for marine biomass degredationIBCarb Project - Depolymerisation of algal polysaccharides using microwave-assisted hydrothermal processing (MAHP)IBCarb Project - Development of hyper-activity glycosynthase for high value glycosidesIBCarb Project - Enzymatic Tailoring of Polysaccharides for use in Next-Generation Additive Manufacturing of Bioelectronic Tools and Technologies Underpinning Biological ResearchIBCarb Project - Glycan receptor decoys for the management of the gut microbiome a focus on valorisation of sugar beet polysaccharidesIBCarb Project - Identifying novel enzymes for the modification of an industrially produced polysaccharideIBCarb Project - Mining for Sugar Aminotransferases from ClostridiaIBCarb Project - New strategies for functionalization of cellulose filmsIBCarb Project - New strategies for functionalization of cellulose films 2IBCarb Project - Optical multiplex detection of lectins and enzymesIBCarb Project - Step-change profiling of industrially important plant glycan structures through DNA sequencer-Assisted Saccharide analysis in High throughput (DASH)IBCarb Project - Understanding the biosynthesis of unusual sugars in Coxiella BurnetiiIBCarb Project - Underpinning synthetic glycobiology with in silico models of UDP-glycosyltransferasesIBCarb Project - Towards the Synthesis of a Fucosylated Chondroitin Sulfate Library BIVIBCarb Project - Towards the Synthesis of a Fucosylated Chondroitin Sulfate LibraryIBCarb Project - Towards engineering a fluorescent, glycosylation-responsive reporterIBCarb Project - Synthesis of divergent mimetic H HS like coreIBCarb Project - Radically different enzyme specificities using distant homologuesIBCarb Project - Production of α2-3 sialylated glyco-standards using a parasite derived trans-sialidase for use in biopharmaceutical and glycomics analysesIBCarb Project - Measuring the effects of cold temperature storage on Monoclonal antibodies mAbsIBCarb Project - How do algal cell walls respond to heavy metal pollutionIBCarb Project - Glycoenzymes for food and beveragesIBCarb Project - Expression and characterisation of an unusual galactosidase from a bovine pathogen for carbohydrate engineeringIBCarb Project - Exopolysaccharide production in cyanobacteriaIBCarb Project - Evaluation of methods towards marine GAG fragmentsIBCarb Project - Evaluating immobilised Enzymes on Chitosan for Upcycling Protein WastesIBCarb Project - Enzymatic synthesis and stereochemical sequencing of polysaccharide standardsIBCarb Project - Enhancing extracellular polysaccharide (EPS) production using low-frequency acoustic vibrationIBCarb Project - Development of tools to facilitate the functional characterization, isolation and downstream use of complex carbohydrates isolated from natural sourcesIBCarb Project - Development of Organocatalytic Artificial EnzymesIBCarb Project - Development of multi-step enzymatic routes for the synthesis of sialic acid derivativesIBCarb Project - Development of a new enzymatic tool for the measurement of glycosphingolipidsIBCarb Project - Developing tandem mass spectrometry workflows for the in-depth characterisation of N-linked glycosylation of biotechnological protein productsIBCarb Project - Chemoenzymatic synthesis of glycomaterials for detectionIBCarb Project - Chemoenzymatic production of high value heparin based compounds for biotechnology applicationsIBCarb Project - Characterization of a novel trafficking mutant with a view to engineer homogeneous glycotherapeuticsIBCarb Project - Building blocks for designer alginatesIBCarb Project - Biological protection of polysaccharides for selective modificationIBCarb Project - Automated Synthesis of Beta-1,3-Glucans for Targeting Antigen ProcessingIBCarb Project - Application of glycoenzymes for marine biomass degradationIBCarb Project - Application of glycan arrays in bioprocessingIBCarb Project - Analysis of PolysaccharidesIBCarb Project - Analysis of recombinant glycoslytransferases for in vitro protein glycosylationIBCarb Project - Analysis of polysaccharide fragments using mass spectrometryIBCarb Project - Assessing the substrate scope of a novel sugar aminotransferaseIBCarb Project - Bioprocessing of Bacterial ExopolysaccharideIBCarb Project - COFRAC CO2 Fractionation of SugarsIBCarb Project - Development and validation selective colorimetric probe for selective discrimmination of industrially relevant monosaccharide and disaccharide substratesIBCarb Project - Exploring the generation of single glycoprotein glycoformsIBCarb Project - Generation of oligosaccharides from a branched marine glycosoaminoglycan fucosylated chondroitin sulfateIBCarb Project - Isolation and Characterisation of Industrially Relevant Microbial PolysaccharidesIBCarb Project - Verification of an automated high throughput permethylation method by comparison with manual in-solution permethylation of mouse tissue N-glycansIBCarb Project - Verification of high throughput glycome screening of saliva in a healthy human cohort