BBI 2016 Annual Work Plan published

The Bio-Based Industries Public Private Partnership have published their 2016 Annual Work Plan and Budget.

This document outlines the scope and details of research and innovation activities prioritised for the Call for Proposals in 2016 (including info on 26 topics), as well as the governance, activities and the corresponding estimated expenditure for 2016.

The 2016 AWP is the third in a total of seven AWPs between 2014 and 2020. The critical path towards 2020 is the acceleration of the development of (new) sustainable value chains from biomass feedstock supply via efficient processing, to acceptance and application of bio-based products in the end-markets. The 2016 AWP will refocus on the need to better integrate biomass feedstock suppliers on the front end of the chain to create a demand for biomass feedstock from biorefining processes. Similarly, the AWP will stimulate the creation of partnerships with end market actors to create a ‘market pull’ for bio-based products for identified applications.

You can access the details here