IBCarb Project - Analysis of polysaccharide fragments using mass spectrometryIBCarb Project - Assessing the substrate scope of a novel sugar aminotransferaseIBCarb Project - Bioprocessing of Bacterial ExopolysaccharideIBCarb Project - COFRAC CO2 Fractionation of SugarsIBCarb Project - Development and validation selective colorimetric probe for selective discrimmination of industrially relevant monosaccharide and disaccharide substratesIBCarb Project - Exploring the generation of single glycoprotein glycoformsIBCarb Project - Generation of oligosaccharides from a branched marine glycosoaminoglycan fucosylated chondroitin sulfateIBCarb Project - Isolation and Characterisation of Industrially Relevant Microbial PolysaccharidesIBCarb Project - Verification of an automated high throughput permethylation method by comparison with manual in-solution permethylation of mouse tissue N-glycansIBCarb Project - Verification of high throughput glycome screening of saliva in a healthy human cohort