IBCarb Collaborations

IBCarb has supported a number of research collaborations between members through Proof of Concept funding and Business Interaction Vouchers. We have also supported a number of Summer Studentship projects in 2016. Click on the pins in the map for more information. If you are interested in applying for IBCarb funding navigate to our Funding page for more details on how to apply and for application forms.

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IBCarb Projects – Completed

To learn more about the latest projects completed with IBCarb – click on the images below

IBCarb Project - Acoustic separation of polysaccharides from micro-algal cellsIBCarb Project - Mining for Sugar Aminotransferases from ClostridiaIBCarb Project - New strategies for functionalization of cellulose films 2IBCarb Project - Glycan receptor decoys for the management of the gut microbiome a focus on valorisation of sugar beet polysaccharides